How to play carrom pool ?

Playing carrom pool with your buddies is an exciting play nowadays. You can create a fun atmosphere by playing this game with your buddies. Usually, you can play the game with 2 or 4 players. We are here to guide you on how to play carrom pool if you don’t know.

How to play carrom pool

Playing carom pool is a simple but attractive game. Moreover, it would help to deliver all your pieces to the carrom board as soon as possible. It is about a luck with tricks  and strategy about carrom. Play tactics to complete the game before your opponent. If you know how to play carrom pool, you will be a winner, and you can showcase your attractive match to your friend and family.

Carrom pool Rules

Carrom pool rules are elementary. However, you play a strike with your single finger. The strike must be flick by the player’s finger. If the strike crosses the front baseline and pot in the hole, then you are the winner. But there is no permission to flick the piece horizontal or back word. Equally important is not to strike the piece if it is present on the front baseline or present behind the baseline. Flick your strike when you cross the baseline.

If you want to play like a pro gamer, use your middle finger of the hand in the carrom pool. But a specific direction is like you can use the perpendicular direction to hit the piece. This striking style will help you to make your strike easy.

Avoid penalty during the game, and it will create a loss of your pieces. If you placed the opponent’s piece in the carrom pocket or did the same with the queen, you will be charged with a penalty. Queen will return in the center with a penalty piece.

How many coins are in the carrom pool?

In addition, a total of 19 coins are there in the carrom pool. There are three colors present for these coins. 9 of white, 9 of black, while 1 red for a queen present. Furthermore, it is a multiplayer game, so all these coins equally distribute between players.

Carrom Pool Arrow Rules

During play, this rule will limit the player’s movement when he plays the strike. This rule will apply on both sides of players. This arrow rule will extend up the pocket limit of the strike movement. Therefore, every carrom pool has 4 drawn arrows at every corner of the board. Actually, when you make a strike on board, your hand can touch the board surface. But the elbow of the same hand shall not connect with the playing surface. Otherwise, you will get a penalty. Play safe to avoid this kind of punish in the game


A multiplayer Indore game that brings joy, fun, and happiness among you and your loved ones is not other than carrom pool. You can create more excitement by playing with accurate rules. It is a Simple yet attractive play for all generations.

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