How many coins in carrom board?

Carrom is an excellent way to use up your spare time while staying at home for multiple reasons. Firstly 2 to 4 players play carrom at a time duration of each round is significantly small mens if four people are playing, then taking turns will not take a lot of time. Besides, if you are eager to start playing this game, you may be thinking about how much coins in carrom board .

How many coins in carrom board

How many coins are in a carrom board?

The Carrom board has 18 coins 9 of them are white, which one player targets, and the other 9 are black coins that the second try to pot. In addition to these 18 coins (black and white), there is one red coin often referred to as Queen. And there is one stagger as well, which we often call striker, which the players utilize to put the coins in the scoring hole

What is the score of each coin in the carrom?

Both black and white coins have 1 point per coin, and the player has to put their designated coins, either black or white, in the hole. However, the red coin, aka Queen, can be potted by both players and earn them 3 points in the score.

Does the performance in carrom depend upon the quality of coins?

The performance in the game highly relies on the quality of coins as if they are heavy and rough; then, you will find it difficult to move them with the strike of a stagger. So, it is better to get high-quality carrom coins for solid performance. Also, use the powder to reduce the friction between the board’s surface and coins for smooth movement of coins and striker.

Where to buy carrom board coins?

However, if you are hunting for a high-quality carrom board sticker and coins, then you can get them at any e-com store like Amazon, etc. Moreover, the carrom board coins price is not very high, so you can easily buy without any worry.

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