Carrom Pool Mod Apk For Android

Carrom Pool Download for Android is full of thrill with exciting features to attract the game-lovers to it. You can get experience and make yourself competent enough to play by practicing in an online mode. So, keep visiting to get the recent and updated information from us.

Carrom Pool Mod Apk For Android

Description of Carrom Pool Mod APK Download for Android

Carrom Pool Download for Android is a stunning and fascinating game for those who love to play it. Moreover, you have to be a great striker to save the discs in the pockets of the Carrom board. Likewise, there are some basic rules for you that needs to be followed while playing it.

Further, open your Play Store and tap on Carrom pool download to get it. After downloading, you can enjoy the game in its online mode. It is multiplayer gameplay where multiple participants can involve. Likewise, you can play with your buddies also.

Similarly, the Carrom Board game download for android is to get the game on your androids. The advantage of downloading it on your mobiles is that you don’t have to be bound to one place. It allows you to play it anywhere.

Additionally, you can get this game for free by clicking on the Carroms games free download link. This game is just perfect for those who want to be a pro player of Carrom and want to beat their friends in real-life games. The online mode will make them capable of competing with their buddies.

Features of Carrom Pool Mod APK Download for Android

Game of Four

This game involves four players who play from the corners of the board.

Get bonus points

You can collect the bonus points by focussing on the queen disc.

Avoid fouls

If there is a foul, the player has to put his one secured disc into the circle again as a penalty.

Multiplayer game

This game can be played with many players in a single time in its online mode also. It is possible to play it with your friends and make it more exciting.


Before starting playing Carrom Pool, have a look at all the gaming principles of this game. Here, you have to put the relevant discs in the pockets by striking them with a striker. You will get a single chance to swipe the striker on the wooden board, and if you have successfully put the disc in the hole, you will get another chance.

Likewise, go for the Carrom disc pool download and then play it by saving your queen disc. It will give you bonus points of five. Try to avoid a foul situation because you have to lose your disc in that case. Be a smart and efficient player and try to design some strategies for yourself to get success. 

How to get Carrom Pool Mod Apk For Android ?

The way to get the Carrom Pool Download for Android on your devices is very uncomplicated. You have to reach the link available here on this page, like Download Carrom Game and tap it. After that, please be patient and wait. After it downloads, locate it in your file manager and open it. Then, install it and play like an amateur player of Carrom and put your discs in the pockets. Moreover, you can enjoy this game on your Androids by following this link Carroms game free download for android.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

No. It is introduced by India. They have introduced a glass board, but it was replaced by a wooden board later on.

The arrows are placed on the Carrom board to limit the player’s movement toward the pockets on the board.

Conclusions :

So, My Friends, if you have still any confusion and queries, you can ask. Drop your comments. Grab your Gaming app of Carrom Pool Download for Android from the Store and play like a Carrom’s Pro player. Good Luck!