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Carrom Pool Game is a multiplayer game where the participant removes all the tiles to defeat his opponent. He has to put similar tiles in each opening of the board. Further, the fascinating features of this game make it more popular. You can acquire infinite gems, coins, and currency as you download it. So, get latest information from the website.

Carrom Pool Game

Introduction of Carrom Pool Game

Carrom Pool Game is an entertaining game where the player must focus on the color of tiles which he has. You should put tiles in the correct opening of the board. The player can observe his score on the screen. First, you have to fling all the tiles and then put them in their correct hole. Importantly, the one who put all the tiles on holes first, becomes the winner of the game.

Moreover, the player can acquire coins in every round. You can customize your tiles with the help of un-lockable things. Also, you are free to choose your competitors around the globe. First, go to the play store and tap on Download Carrom Game to get it on your android. There are some important rules and you have to follow them while playing the game.


Before operating the game, understand its rules and regulations to play it smoothly. Furthermore, the player must have a smooth command of the game to beat the opponent. Select your opponent and expose your skills to him. Spread all the disc in front of your enemy and start the game. Next, throw all the tiles and put them in their right holes. Besides, the one who put all the tiles on their holes first and wins the game. There is Carrom Board Wallpaper which enhances the understanding and beauty of the game.

Additionally, three modes are provided to the players such as disc pool, carrom, and freestyle. The red queen is in the carrom mode that can be put before the previous puck. The tiles are available in three colors. You will acquire 50 scores as you put a red queen in the hole. Whereas, the white puck carry 20 points and the black one is worth 10 scores. Likewise, you need 120 scores to win the game.

Download Carrom Pool Game

The procedure to download the Carrom Pool Game is easy and uncomplicated method.

  • First, tap on the link available at the bottom of this article ‘Download Carrom Game.’
  • After that, wait for some time for downloading process.
  • When it is finished, locate it on your file manager and operate it.
  • Lastly, install it on your android and enjoy it.
  • Further, uninstall the previous versions and change the security settings of your android.
  • Let’s start the game with your competitors to enhance the thrill of a win.

Features of Carrom Pool Game

Gaming Modes

Besides, three modes are provided to the player such as disc pool, Carrom, freestyle. The players have to pass all these modes efficiently to defeat his enemies.


You will receive bonuses daily like coins or gems. Further, the player can also acquire coins or gems by viewing the advertisement.

Lucky Shot

Likewise, this game also provides you a facility to have a lucky shot. Your aim is to place the gold puck on the focus to win a reward.


Four leaderboards are available such as league leaderboard, friend leaderboard, country leaderboard, and world leaderboard. These boards are ranked on the basis of winnings.

FaQs (Frequently Asked Questions )

Yes, it is safe to get this game on your device. The developer of this game provides you the security that it does not harm your device.

The player will acquire infinite coins or gems at each round of this game. Also, when you view the advertisement you will acquire coins.

Final Verdict

So, buddies! I have provided you all the information regarding Carrom Pool Game. I hope you understand it very well. Further, if you have any confusion you can ask me. I will guide you. Now, download it on your phone and explore its unique features. Best of Luck.

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